Paul Kunin Consulting offers customized consulting services in the following areas:

Business Consulting

Business owners sometimes face strategic and management issues for which their own expertise has not prepared them. These issues may be financial, operational,or organizational, but their resolution inevitably involves the “human element”: thoughtful analysis, clear problem and goal identification, and effective communication between concerned parties. My combination finance-counseling background has allowed me to understand the underlying dynamics of a business and guide decision-makers to resolution and implementation.

Professional Coaching/Counseling

The life of a professional is filled with challenges including career progress and direction, technical and “soft” skill development, and organizational/cultural issues that impact job satisfaction.  Many people find the relationship with a trained professional helpful in processing through their career challenges. My approach always includes extended listening and dialogue. It most often includes some form of goal setting and benchmarking. My role is to help clarify issues/goals and to provide a reliable perspective as you move through them. Outside of these few principles, I treat each client individuallyand without a “one size fits all” approach.

Placement Services

Many people in career transition do not have the time, resources, or contacts to find a job that will match precisely what they’re looking for. That is what a good placement specialist provides. My first priority is to get to know you and what you’re looking for. My next task is to find positions in the market that best suit your parameters. It is particularly important for candidates to feel they are getting objective information and advice from the recruiter representing them. I have built my reputation on the honesty with which I present opportunities. I remain a career advisor to people long after the placement has passed.